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Support and provide accommodation to women who are homeless or at risk of becoming homeless in their search for autonomy.

  • Solidarity

  • Security

  • Empowerment

How many women can Maison le Paravent help?

​We offer each year more than 2,500 overnight stays in a peaceful and secure place.

​​We offer:

  • transitional housing service

  • supervised apartment service​


Why do we provide a housing resource exclusively for women?

  • Homeless women are generally not comfortable using mixed housing services.

  • All RCM stakeholders call for additional resources to specifically help women who experience homelessness.



We believe it is important to correctly evaluate the needs of women who call us for housing accommodation, as they must be oriented towards the appropriate resource. Thus, we have identified appropriate selection criterias for our service offering.


We are therefore asking these women who wish to use our services to commit themselves to concrete steps that will facilitate their social rehabilitation, as reinsertion is the objective we pursue. When a woman decides to come to Maison le Paravent, she must get involved in the household chores by cooking one dinner per week, by contributing to housework, by participating in the receiving of food supplies, proposed activities, and house meetings. 


When we consider that our service offering does not suit the woman’s needs, we do not hesitate to orient her towards other resources that will better correspond to her needs. That is why it is of upmost importance that we work in partnership with other regional resources in order to maximize the global service offering.

Consulter notre rapport d'activité 2023
Consult our activity report  (in French)




​For me, la Maison le Paravent is… The best decision I've made in my life. A centre where you feel listened to, supported and above all, heard and helped.



​ Maison le Paravent not only gave me a breath of new life, it gave me a third lung to tackle life with all my strength!



​I will be forever grateful for everything they did to help me get my life back on track so that I could finally feel good and confident about myself and my choices. THANKS!

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